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See the Floor Plan Layout, "REQUIRES ADOBE PDF")When Kevin Rathbun first found this space, the first person he called was Bill Johnson of The Johnson Studio in Atlanta.  He knew he could do the transformation of an industrial space into a sleek, modern interpretation of a great neighborhood restaurant that would keep the integrity of the industrial building, yet with a minimalist design.


The Johnson Studio highlighted the space with dark wood and maintained some of the exposed brick walls. They reinvigorated the look with a new open kitchen, dramatic tones of gray, and a description of industrial meets modern. They kept the mix of the worn out flooring and added the suspended stove-pipe pendants that radiate a fuchsia tone. The dining room is accented by the soft open kitchen illumination.



The new bar includes four large dark columns and a distinguished bleached white bar top. The light projecting from behind the banquettes bounce from the walls onto the monochromatic boxes that result in a grand piece of vased artwork. The long, draped, knotted sheers gives the space the feel of a just-built 100 year-old building.


Pops of vibrant color make up the room and the sound incorporates a jazzy, urban tone that gets one excited the moment they walk through the fuchsia colored door. The banquettes, and large roomy booths incorporate colors of dark wood and striking color schemes that exude comfort and welcome.



For the outside patio, The Johnson Studio decided on logoed peak-a-boo fabric panels and large umbrellas that allow the intimacy of private patio dining and the feeling that one is in a hidden gem of a restaurant.

All of the attributes that The Johnson Studio has incorporated have transformed Rathbun’s space into one like no other.









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